Creating distinctive, one-of-a-kind custom dining tables is a specialty of ours. It starts with a conversation about how the table will be used, where it will live, how many place settings will be required, and what kind of presence the table should have (demure, muscular, sleek, stout, etc.) Once a rough idea of dimensions and base design are determined, we’ll invite customers to accompany us to pick out lumber from the inventory of our preferred sawyers.

Northern California has a wealth of gorgeous, native hardwoods. These are species that can’t be found at a typical hardwood dealer and have much more personality. Our favorite woods to create tables from are: Claro Walnut, Bay Laurel, and Elm . And, all of the local wood we use is salvaged, i.e. the trees were not cut down for their lumber, but came down naturally in a storm, or needed to be removed for other reasons. The sawyers we work with can tell us the story of every tree -exactly where it lived, how it became available to mill, and for long it has been drying.

Customers often pay the sawyer directly for the slabs, and we then calculate a price for our labor, including the fabrication of the base. The total price for a custom dining table is generally around $1200-$2000 per place setting. For example, a matched pair of walnut slabs required to create a table 9’ long x 42” wide could cost $6000. The cost of the legs/base fabrication and our labor to flatten, join, repair, sand, and finish the top might be $9000, for a total of $15,000 or $1,500 x 10 place settings. Variables in cost include:

-species (Claro is more expensive than other species, for example).

-size (price goes up exponentially with larger widths, thicknesses, etc.).

-degree of figuring (how much rippling, 3-dimensional grain is visible).

-base design/finishing (a chromed base will be much more expensive than a powder-coated base).

The process from first conversations to delivery usually spans 3-6 months, depending on our current schedule , whether additional kiln drying is required for the wood, and the complexity of the base design. A non-refundable 50% deposit for the labor/base fabrication is required to set the piece on our build schedule and complete the design process. The balance is then required when the piece is completed, just prior to delivery. To start a dialogue about creating an exquisite centerpiece that your family can gather around for generations, please contact Jared and his team here.